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The base of the fabric is a uniform colour of the fibre, and an interesting effect is created by combining it with rainbow thread. The predominance of natural fibres - flax, viscose, cotton and wool - ensures nobility and naturalness to the touch, while a small admixture of synthetic fibres increases the strength of the fabric.

This is one of the five fabrics of the Tuscan collection dedicated to connoisseurs, for whom elegance and nobility and quality of Italian fabrics, appreciated all over the world, are the main arguments for buying. The whole collection - Firenze, Prato, Siena, Lucca and Pisa - is a harmonious colour combination of different structures and patterns. The combination of these fabrics gives great arrangement possibilities. All of them were created mainly on jacquard looms, therefore they give the impression of craft fabrics, far from mass production.


Natural textile fabric




Mesh fabrics

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The composition: 5% LI 21% VI 58% EVERY 11% PL 1% WO 4% PA

Weight: 757gr/mtb

Width: 138/140cm

Easy-to-clean fabric

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Test wytrzymałościowy:
Colour fastness to light


Colour fastness to rubbing (dry)


Colour fastness to rubbing (wet)


Resistance of the fabric to pilling


Cleaning information

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Colours of the collection's fabrics


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